The Perpetual Maybe

by Trans-Dimensional Voice

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This complex and over-mixed album can actually be summed up using only one word; frustration.

Despite that perhaps humorous fact (and the one in the form of a confession stating this album was over-mixed), I love this album (admittedly with extreme bias) that took me seven years to complete to my 'reasonable satisfaction'.

It's 100% brutally honest down to the tiniest sonic pressure, and the mixes push the listener away with intent to do so to create the cognitive dissonance matching my annoying frustration.

If you ever want to "catch a glimpse" of the brutal challenge I faced in learning how to engineer audio properly without a professional grade engineering environment, this album reveals that serious struggle.

- Spirit Wave


released January 1, 2007




Trans-Dimensional Voice Boston, Massachusetts


Based upon the scientific absence of any objective boundary, space (including dimensionality) is logically energy (so sinusoidal btw).

Think oceanic dimensionality, relative to humanity.

T-DV explores that energy, usually in the name of mystery and surprise.

- Spirit Wave
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Track Name: World in Motion
Time and time again
The absolute light, only a step away
And I can only be
But I could not understand
Track Name: Dogma
Daily routine predominates
Busy lives flowing a normal course
The sun is shining on a beautiful day
But in an instant, thousands of voices are silenced

On the one hand are those who mourn
On the other are the ones who celebrate

We are all in need of a way to handle tragedy
But some obsess over escaping the pain
To a point where they will follow anything
Enter dogma and a question stirs to the front of the line
Is this a recipe for more tragedy
When people are forbidden from questioning authority?

Is dogma good for humanity?

Powerful greedy fools manipulate those who will follow anything
Wielding peace and love to eliminate the infidels
The witch hunt begins and the so-called saints torture
And slaughter while evil feeds on hypocrisy
Dogma prevents common sense, because no one can question an illogical sacred text

The sands shift as we evolve, but some religious leaders seek
control of humanity supposedly in the name of righteousness
It results in rebellion against oppression
Igniting flames soaring high into a blackened sky
While blood is flowing a normal course
Another chapter for history
Where the horrors of war plant the seeds of future tragedy

Overlapping lyrics:
Time keeps passing, people keep judging
Tell you how to live your life, fingers are pointing
Conflict arises, damage provided
Children screaming, murder and mutilation
Peace and love to prevent future tragedy

Or is this destructive portion integrated into the core of existence like a natural disaster?
Wipe away the dead to make way for a new era of living?
Will that new era continue to embrace dogma?

Is dogma good for humanity?
Track Name: Loop - Simple to Complex
Simple steps, lots of laughter while life leads me to a deeper goal
Day by day, moments pass, the errors start to flow
Things becoming more complex, the pressure builds, and I can feel the weight
Irritation setting in, struggling to complete my daily requirements
Let me rest, let me take a moment to gather myself
Crying, I can't get out of bed, depression controls the time
Panic knocking at my psyche, flooding strength is holding me down
Entangled in a mess that I can't escape from

Awaken refreshed, the metaphorical sun rises again
Happy thoughts allow me to proceed to go about my business
But the purity doesn't last long as dissonant thoughts arrive
Apparent karma reduction, I am again led towards the profound
Difficult times become the standard as I reach back for perfection
But there's no turning around, the damage done, a paradox intersection
Dying, broken, helpless, fallen beneath the ground, continue descending
The ubiquitous dark clouds overwhelm me

I've been here before, though feeling good, I notice a routine
Fresh air to breath, beautiful surroundings, however I see
A gentle breeze then carries a dark scent that gradually rolls in
Can I transcend this loop? I must find a way to break free
Panicking will never help, though I don't want to be here anymore
Tragedy manipulates my perceptions while agony increasingly feeds
Clawing at the heavy locked door, shrinking empty room lacks mercy
Keeps me away from the glorious light that maybe lies on the outside of this loop
Track Name: The Intangible
Alone, standing strong, falling down, I try to rise
Heavy weight, I'm struggling to find, is this song done?
I can cry to unwind, the sadness fluctuating, riding this raft
Through the ocean pouring down into the depths of all
Ailing, I try to cry out, but distorted, complaining, frustrating babble
Trying to make a point, only to be cut down by bullshit
Pointless existence in the objective truth

Confused, I'm seeking refuge
Happy for this, sad for that
Wanting more, not wanting to forget what I have
Blessed and cursed, one's treasure is another's crap
As complex nature twists and turns
Following patterns through random seeds created from themselves
Flowing in and out, up and down (left and right), all around itself
Where am I within this chaos organized to a level beyond my comprehension
I keep reaching for the intangible
And I keep reaching for the intangible
And I keep reaching for the intangible
And I keep reaching for the intangible (I just want to be free)
And I keep reaching for the intangible (time and time again)
And I keep reaching for the intangible (while it tears me apart)
I keep reaching for the intangible
And I keep reaching for the intangible

Words behind the vocals at the end:
Accidents distraction daily tension lonely isolation gross inebriation
Thievery abduction greed corruption censorhip deception sexual repression
Rape violation disease infection poverty oppression insanity depression
Murder destruction war domination genocide frustration