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This experimental piece was designed for fun to trip out some very close friends, and since it's now released publicly, anyone interested else.

The figure in the cover art is actually yours truly, and Qlown Far is playing out of a Beats Pill in my pocket therein.


Now that I'm reasonably confident that I have your attention…

Pay no attention to me. Please pay kind attention to the other me.

Allow your positive thoughts to drift into the upper spaces of your mind, while releasing negative thoughts out of your whatever.

Feel the beauty of your expanding positive thoughts, as they balloon into the cosmos.

A certain amount of tension from that dramatic ballooning is to be expected, but allow such tension to fully release into the oneness of reality.

Inevitably returning to your thoughts, feel free to allow your thoughts to turn into other thoughts.

Feel the vibrations of your thoughts tingle your tongue, as you lick yourself towards enlightenment.

Stop putting bumps in the wrong place.

Do not allow the tail to wag the dog.

On a more or less serious note…

You are always trapped by the boundaries that you take too seriously.

Dutifully part of reality is sadly taking certain boundaries too seriously.

That is the tension.

But no occurrence within reality is permanent.

That is the release.

Or we don't.

No matter how bad it gets, we choose salvation.

No matter how bad it gets, we choose healing.

No matter how bad it gets, we choose peace.

No matter how bad it gets, we choose harmless fun.

No matter how bad it gets, we choose love.

No matter how bad it gets, we choose responsible success.

How long do you want me to linger here?

And are you sure about that?


released March 11, 2019




Trans-Dimensional Voice Boston, Massachusetts


Based upon the scientific absence of any objective boundary, space (including dimensionality) is logically energy (so sinusoidal btw).

Think oceanic dimensionality, relative to humanity.

T-DV explores that energy, usually in the name of mystery and surprise.

- Spirit Wave
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